Arkadia Mining

Loot on Arkadia Mining

I did now another Mining-Session on Planet Arkadia.

My Setting was following :

Excavator : Rock Ripper 1 (L)

Finder : Ziplex TK220

Amplifier : Level 2 Finder Amplifier

Session Value : 6 Runs a’ 400 double drops (full-amped)

Whole Drops : 2400 double-drops

Amount in Ped : 5880 Ped

Return : 95.72% (decay’s excluded)

I mined for Ores+Enmatters, no treasures

Pre-information: Last Arkadia mining i did in October 2012. Since this time a lot changed. The loot-system was renewed and the loot composition on arkaida changed.

The Arkadia Mining always had a very various loot.

First the good news.

Arkadia has still a pretty awesome and stable TT-return.

If you not pay to much MarkUp for Amplifier and Finder etc. , it is still possible to profit by mining on this planet.


Some High-MU minerals were implemented on arkadia too.

Just one exaple here is Fire Root pellets.


Now the bad things.

the variety of the minerals has been raised on the double amount which is for new miners pretty bad to get a stack together for auction on a efficiency markup.

80% of all minerals were after this session just stacks of 20-70 ped. If its a low-mu mineral it is pretty bad to get here any ped’s back.

Additional the amount of specific planetary ores and enmatters has been choked by a distinguished amount.

It’s just a guess, but it feels its now at least 50% LESS arkadian minerals then before the changes were implemented.

I go to ark , to mine for arkadian minerals and i find 60% calypsian ores and enmatters. That’s a disappointing result.

Just 3 things are definately ways to high in the drop-rate for the fact that its not arkadian stuff.

Gazzurdite(~9.25%), Azzurdite(~11%),Angelic(5.5%).

Just this 3 things make together a Loot-portion of 25.75 %.

Sadly were implented low mu minerals on arkadia aswell, what negate the advantage of adding high-mu minerals.

Im my personal ranking was Arkadia on place 2 of the best planets to mine on. sadly this changed now and i would put arkadia badly in the back of the list after this experience.

All the miners hoped that Arkadia minerals will be changed to be less various, to make arkadia mining more attractive, but Mind Ark did exactly the opposite.


For me was this Session pretty frustrating , not in cause of bad returns. I just miss the “controll” about what i mine for.

So i will stay away from mining on this planet, until they changed anything there again.

My personal summary is :

Arkadia Mining is not satisfying.


Greets at all and thnx for reading 😉