Arkadia Mining

Arkaia Ores And Enmatters

I did now another Mining-Session on Planet Arkadia. My Setting was following : Excavator : Rock Ripper 1 (L) Finder : Ziplex TK220 Amplifier : Level 2 Finder Amplifier Session Value : 6 Runs a’ 400 double drops (full-amped) Whole Drops : 2400 double-drops Amount in Ped : 5880 Ped ...

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Claim Size XXIII // 18958 Ped TOWER


18.9 K Uber-HoF: Tool : Ziplex TK220(L) Amplifier : Level 5 Finder Amplifier(L) Took be more then 3 hours to “realize” it is REAL 😀   Tower’s are not “excavated”, you have to visit all 24 hours and get an amount out of it. In my case it was between ...

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One Word More……………………………


So , now i wanna say aswell something to it Did anyone notice what this MA announcement + Maxim Deed Sale + Arkadian VU changes made with our ingame economy ? So as Miner i just give u a small over view : Niksarium 128% today (used to be 140-150%) ...

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MA Sells Calypso Land Deed’s , must have seen !!


Hi there   Today @ 16-00 UTC MindArk started his 5 calypso land deed’s per person sales. The people had to queue up in a line and the Estate broker went trhough the line to sell to each person. Well guys i tell you , i felt horrible. It was ...

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Using Finder Amplifier !!!

Hi , Today im wanna talk a about a very important thing in the Mining Profession. Not all Finder Amplifier working in the same way on your cash-flow if you use Limited (L) Amplifier.   Most Miners think , i buy level 2 amps for 106% , or level 5 ...

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A.R.C.P.I.G.V. MK. II from Cyrene


Hi guys , a small blog about the new Cyrene vehicle ARC PIGV MK II. It looks like a small tank, but if i look on the armor it seems not to be a tank.   Not beatiful , but pretty fast for a massive monster like this   Full ...

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