Sweating is the only thing what players can do without investing PED in kind of Ammunition or Decay. Every player has VSE-MK-1 tool from the beginning in his inventory. sweating is pretty simple. Equip the VSE-MK-1 , track a “sweatable” creature and sweat it !!!! After some fails u have ...

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Mentoring – Entropia


The Mentoring System was implemented by MindArk to give new players help and a easier start in the complex world of Entropia Universe. The idea behind the Mentoring is that a new player gets a experienced player who helps him to learn the game mechanics and the things a player ...

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A lot has changed in Entropia Universe – many new players everyday, so we decided to put a new comprehensive blog for new and experienced players online. Enjoy our articles, read about tipps&tricks and join the community. Entropia Universe (former Project Entropia) is a RCE-MMO (real-cash-economy).

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