Calyspo Land Deed’s (CLD) in free fall – Entropia Universe


exciting to see a fast moove on the CLD market today.

Between 12:00-16:00 MA Time the CLD BO on Caylspo auction dropped by 25 ped from 1475 -> 1450.


Im Watching them now for a whle and the moove began already before the update was launched on a price of 1550 ped each.

So the CLD lost now in 2 week 100 ped on its price or 6.67 %.

Just today they dropped by 1.7% .

with other word’s:

in 2 weeks a loss of 100 equals at this time a revenue of (100ped/4ped [perweek]) a loss of 25 weeks revenue.

So better had been, to sell 2 weeks ago, but who could know it……. 😀

It seems some people are panic now and try to sell fast.

I guess the revenue on monday will show if the fall will get stopped or if moove down more.

This week was the economy not to bad that we can expect ~4 ped payout on CLD this week.

maybe more…..

a increasing revenue would definately stop the fall i think.


It is a crash ??

No, in the economy a crash would mean a loss of 10% of its worth in just 1 day.

we are far away from a crash. but it is very interesting to see now “where is the limit” on CLD.

some people expected a price of 2000 ped per deed within 2013.

I guess this happenening will make the people realize that CLD are not the jack of all trades device.

People are not willing to pay endless money for a virtual piece of paper even if its a cash cow.

The thing is Entropia is still a “entertainment” system/plattform as MA say themselves.

So never compare this kind of investment with a Real-Life investment. If this trade would beeing traded on a real stock market we had a crash (10% loss in 1 day) within the last days already.

I hear people always saying that its still better then in a bank……

sure a bank is linked to a note-bank, and they set the limits for interest rates.

and people who deposit in EU do mostly to beeing “entertained” (however you like to call it else),

and not planning to do a invetsment.

Yesfew people using Entropia as a “investment” , but most of the players not do.

So a price of 2000 ped still would be possible if the houses are introduced and think they need now to own a worthless house they never gonna “use” 😀

but for the next time i guess deed will go down in relation to the revenue.

If anyone wanna indict MA in the end in cause of loosing a large part of investemnts, so i wanna tell you:

1st) MA sold for 1k ped and players/reseller brought the price up to 150%, so sure there is aswell a way down.

2nd) if you are “invested” means that you re not always beeing able to sell whenever you want (without loss), so keep sitting on your heap of CLD and just wait until the price is stabilizing again.

Thats the nature of an “investment”.




I hope you enjoeyed reading and you read me on the next promising news i will find…….

cheers and gl