Claim Size XXIII // 18958 Ped TOWER

18.9 K Uber-HoF:

Tool : Ziplex TK220(L)

Amplifier : Level 5 Finder Amplifier(L)

Took be more then 3 hours to “realize” it is REAL 😀



Tower’s are not “excavated”, you have to visit all 24 hours and get an amount out of it.

In my case it was between 3800 – 5700 ped TT vlaue per visit.

It took me four days to empty the Tower.

The Picture above shows my first batch i got out of the Tower.


Now to the important question every player has about a Tower:

“Does a Tower influence my returns?”

so lets see my Session of 10 Runs. The Run where i hit my Tower i caclulated without the Tower.

Run number /   Return :

1   / 79%

2   / 68.44%

3   / 81.9%

4   / 96.6%

5   / 123.19% (here i hit my tower but he is not included !)

6   /  79.9%

7   /  89.7%

8   /  80%

9   /  87.4%

10 / 94.11%

Average return for this session was : ~88%

So this session was except from the big HoF not so great, it started bad and in the end is was “ok” but not to good. without the tower a miner is not really happy with less then 90%.

But i had sessions already with a average return of just 79%.

So in this case i would say a Tower in your hand seems not to have any influence on your average return.

Some other miners who got already a tower, confirmed this.



So thank you all for this many congratulations and i wish everyone of you to be so happy as i was !





Once everyone wanna have this place…..just once….one time :)