Entropedia.Info – Must Have for All Entropian

The Entropedia has all information about Entropia Universe Content.

It is the entropia wikipedia.

Very new information need to be added by players first.

So it can be, that very new game content isn’t implemented yet in the Entropedia.




The most common use for Entropedia is checking statistics about armor or weapons, tools , vehicles.

Further it has quite a lot of information about professions, skills and how they contribute to each other.

Almost every ingame item which exist in Entropia Universe can be found there with the depending information about the item.

Best is to bookmark this page in your personal browser legend.

You will need this page very often to check if a item is worth to invest in or not, further you can plan better your skilling by checking whoch other option you have to get and profession up. Different professions have crossed-skills implemented, check professions on the entropedia webpage.