Halloween Mayhem – Entropia Universe

Mayhem here, Mayhem there……Mayhem seems to be now everywhere……………


Hi Guys, lately MA Published a New event comming up next week.

Name is Halloween Mayhem.

It will be very similar to Merry Mayhem just focused on a Halloween topic.

We have to shoot some special Zombies.

The Loot will contain some different kinds of pumkins which we have to give to the mission NPC to collect points.

The winners are places 1-15 and 25, 50 and 100.

Rewards are different but first price will be a Modified Hedoc Mayhem.

Most rewards are UL weapons or Calypso Land Deed’s.


Its bit kind of gamble, because the points are not made by performance is a bit more of luck if you got dropped the pointing mutated pumpkins or just the not very valueable rotten pumpkins.


But at least it is a interesting event with really nice rewards.

We will focus on ! :)

For the whole discription of the event and detailed info check out this PCF-Post.

The question which is still open , will be there a Merry Mayhem too ?

So next 6 weeks HM and after that MM ? 😀

Events over events, hopefully it will help to get up the shrinking revenue on CLD’s.


We all looking forward for the launch of Monria the new Moon.

We expect it on next Partner-VU on 5th November 2013.

The Halloween Mayhem Event will start on the 7th November.



May here Father Lootius Bless you guys,

i wish everyone a lot of luck.



Thanks all for reading and enjoy your life :)