Happy Halloween – Entropia Universe

Hi guys,

New VU and Merry Halloween and Halloween Gift (1 week to late).

Generall Info for all :

Merry Halloween has NO Mission broker, you have just to enter the instances which fits for your level.

The Televators are located in :

Fort Zeus / Nymphtown / Fort Ithaca


Instance Televators

Mr. Pumkin the NPC who will take your Pumkins to get points for Merry Helloween,

but at thispoint this NPC is broken and need to be fixed my MA.

Yearly Halloween Gift (1 week to late):


consumeable booster item for 20 minutes , you got 5 doses of them when you enter calypso.

Note : “Item is NOT tradeable”

Its very funny to see how MA acidify us backwards the nice things they give us, LOL.

not everyone is a hunter who has use for this, but some people would pay a nice price for this boosters.

Other newings:

Mission Tokens need be traded for combat tokens , best place for this is “new” cape corinth.

Daily Mission tokens are only get in daily missions and are NOT TRADEABLE.

Daily-mission Terminals are located almost everywhere. in twin peaks are 2 terminal (outisde storage and balcony).

Terminal for Daily Missions


I hope you enjoy game,

lately i got many crashes / DC’s and aswell few bugs appeared.

But all a round less worse then last Version Update.

Usually the kiddies say  Trick or treat at this point.

For this they gave us we should throw their house with foul eggs in my eyes :)

All nice things are in the end a fail thing for many people and its loosing fun.

Its really disappointing to see a Halloween Gift which is only good for 1 profession and not tradeable and all miners and crafters go away empty handed.

But I should be already used to it^^


Cheers all



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