How to make Ped ? – Entropia Universe

The big beginner question, how to make ped is the most frequently asked question, i hear.Thats the reason why i make here a small list how to make ped with no, or low investment.

How To Make Ped


1. Sweating:
Look here , i wrote already about this profession. The income as sweater is low but stable and quite independed on other factors. Sweating is the most common way how to make ped.

2. Fapper:
Another option how to make ped is, to work as fapper, to provide services as healer. They usually have their own gear and offer healing for decay. A tip is common in this job to get anything, for the time the fapper spent. The tip mostly depends on duration and on mobsize and skill demand of the fap job. Beside the tips, the healer gain skills which has good markup.  The most likely beginner healer is the “Herb-Box” healer. He is using a Herb box as healing tool. This Herb box is a unlimited tool.

Fapping with a Herb Box - how to make ped

3. Taxi Service:
Taxi pilots provide rides throught the universe, mostly space ride due the planetary rides are low in demand and not profitable. For a effective Taxi-service is a investement required of around 130 Ped. To work as Taxidriver is a good option how to make ped. These two links might help you. Check Vehicle’s howto and space.

  • Quad-Wing interceptor ~90 ped
  • Space Thruster (L) ~9 ped
  • RK-5 Vehicle repair (L) tool ~11 ped
  • Welding Wire ~5 ped
  • Oil ~10 ped

The important things on providing a Taxi service is:

  1. checking if passenger has updated content for space and destination.
  2. checking if passenger has no loots or at least the know of the risk in lootable PVP.
  3. knowing where the destination is where the passenger want to go.
  4. exact calculation of business cost (landing fee,oil demand,thruster decay,pirate attacks)

Quadwing Taxi - how to make ped

4. Advertising:
Advertisers stay around and getting payed to add text into the trade channels.Advertising is possible for many things. Shops, Spacetransport-services,Events,Societys, all this things can be advertised and more.
This jobs is mostly to get over personal connections or advertise yourself as an Advertiser ! As advertiser you should only know, if you add to often you might end soon on ignore lists and then your reputation might be damaged and you can’t reach many people anymore with your adds. So keep it smooth with the adding and dont perma-spam the channels. The wages depending on job and on contract partner.

5. Trader:
As trader you work on your own and be independent. There are aswell risks and options to make big money or larger losses. Or you can stick ot the common trading of stackables which is slow but with low or none risk. The options for trading are as big as items and demand exist. for a proper trading is a recommended amount of 500 ped requested. But you can try aswell with lower amount. Trading is the best way, how to make ped. Check info about MarkUp.
The rule is: high MU = high RISK // Low MU = Low RISK
High risk = High option on win/loose

6. Looter:
This was a old job from former days but isnt possible anmyore. Hunter which were to lazy, hired people and teamed up with them, that they loot the monster the hunter killed. It was a run&click job. They payed between 2-10 ped an hour in the past. But now everyone can buy a Lootpill on the Trade Terminal which is doing the job for the hunter automatically. It was a nice option how to make ped in the past…………

7. Investor:
One noce option is if you are not worrie to deposit real cash. Then you have the option to purchase Deed’s which are nothing else then shares. This shares provide you a continously passive income. For actual performance ask around because the payouts changing with the player activity.
Deed's - How To Make Ped

8. other options:
I read offen this link from entropia partner and other pages where you have to lcik banners or watching videos. In my eyes this is only a way for the people to make ped who offer the service. the weighes even payoff your electricity and sweating is definately more worthy. You dont get skills, you dont play even. why people are spamming then this links around ? Because this webpages working like a “snowball-system” and they getting % of each person which they get into this job. this is aswell why they have an”number” in the adress. This are called refferals. I can’t recommend this. If you are interested in this kind of jobs you should look if you can work for an Affiliate company, they pay ways better (around 100 times as much).


If you know other options how to make ped and willing to tell me, i can add it to this post.

I hope it helps new players to know how to make ped and start over in Entropia Universe.

Greetings, RedEye