HowTo for the Interstelar Trade Chat

I’ve now implemented a Chat-system for you to make trading in EU easier.

U find it in the Sub-menu of Trading.

This chat reaches everyone who is logged on, doesnt matter if he is in Twin peaks or anywhere else.

U need NO registration to use the chat.

Please dont abuse or harass anyone !!!!

This chat is made to solve a big problems who exist in the ingame trade channel.

It is still only a local chat……….


At first few things what makes it easier if everyone use this shorts !!


shorts for planets :

RT = Rocktropia

Ark = Arkadia

NI = Nextisland

CY = Cyrene

CA or caly = Calypso


WTB/wtb = want to buy

WTS/wts = want to sell


The other things are pretty common from the ingame trade advertising (name of item/ MU).


This chat be used as a termin-market aswell !!

So u could look for someone who maybe needs Ospra on Calypso but you are still on Arkadia and have planned to go to Calypso with the next possible warp-flight. This chat makes it possible to find a buyer before you reach Calypso.

I hope the community will use the chat , and enjoys the service :)


Cheers Redeye