Sweating is the only thing what players can do without investing PED in kind of Ammunition or Decay.

Every player has VSE-MK-1 tool from the beginning in his inventory.


sweating is pretty simple.

Equip the VSE-MK-1 , track a “sweatable” creature and sweat it !!!!

After some fails u have then “sucessful attempts”. After a sucessfull attempt u will get between 1-4 sweat bottles. See piture below:


After u got enough sweat u can start to sell it.

Sweat isnt able to sell on auction !!! Sweat is only tradeable from person to person !!!

Sweat is usually traded in amount of at least 1k (1000 units/bottles).

The prices variating between 1.5-2.5 ped / k (ilo) on Calypso and between

2.0 – 3.0 ped /k on all other planets.

But think about before you go there because u think sweat is there more worth.

On other planets doesnt exist Sweat-Camps like on Calypso. Sweat is there harder to get………

Many people say sweat = ped, i disagree i say ped=ped and sweat is mostly useless……..

To do a more efficient sweating use the “Toggle auto-use Tool” Hotkey. How to set this Hotkey, please ask your mentor or other players…..

So sweating is like the name “sweat” already says a very time intensive and hard job !!!!

I hoped this small beginner guide helped you !!!


Update (19.dez.2013) : The price of sweat dropped down to 1.5-2.0 ped /k and is now stable there since some months.

The prices of sweat are almost equal on all planets due the interplanetary trading.