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How to make Ped ? – Entropia Universe

How To Make Ped

The big beginner question, how to make ped is the most frequently asked question, i hear.Thats the reason why i make here a small list how to make ped with no, or low investment.   1. Sweating: Look here , i wrote already about this profession. The income as sweater ...

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Space Repair – Analysis


Hello Entropians, after my last HowTo about Space Repair Skilling . Now i will give you a small analysis with data about the necessary effort, to reach a special point by using the “space repair skilling”. So the first, i analyzed the skill gain meassured in Ped-TT on ESI base. ...

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Space – Entropia Universe


The Space of Entropia Universe is the world between the planets. You can go there only with Spaceships (Sleipnir or Quadwing) or as a passenger on a Mothership or Privateer. The whole Space is a Lootable PVP Area (PVP4) !!! If you shooten down by pirates or creatures, you will ...

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What is a Spacecraft ? A Spacecraft is a big ship in space which can not land on planets and have 20-50 passengers,guest or crew. The difference between a spacecraft and a private spaceship like Sleipnir or Quad-Wing is aswell that a Spacecraft is able to use a Warp-drive to ...

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There are many different kind of vehicles in Entropia Universe. Cars,Boats,Spaceships,Helicopters,and Hover-Bikes. This Article is aboout general usage of vehicles and what u need to service your vehicle. All vehicles except Spaceships need primary only OIL and REAPIRS. Spaceships need additional a Space Thruster (L) , if u want to ...

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Sweating is the only thing what players can do without investing PED in kind of Ammunition or Decay. Every player has VSE-MK-1 tool from the beginning in his inventory. sweating is pretty simple. Equip the VSE-MK-1 , track a “sweatable” creature and sweat it !!!! After some fails u have ...

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Mentoring – Entropia


The Mentoring System was implemented by MindArk to give new players help and a easier start in the complex world of Entropia Universe. The idea behind the Mentoring is that a new player gets a experienced player who helps him to learn the game mechanics and the things a player ...

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