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Now 3 weeks after the launch of the AUD (Arkadia Underground Deed) it is time to compare on the base of data to figure out the perfomarnce of the new deed’s.


The data i collected have been from monday payout until sunday payout, so exactly 7 payouts. To compare the revenue we need to stretch to a weekly revenue.

31.3. – 6.4. AUD: 0.12ped/deed—CLD: 3.095
7.4.-13.4.  AUD: 0.12ped/deed—CLD: 3.015
14.4-20.4. AUD : 0.09ped/deed—CLD: 3.28

weekly average : AUD 0.11 ped / CLD 3.13 ped

The projected ROI on CLD still shows the 3 month average and this one is 3.69 ped per CLD at this moment.To get further info we need check prices for deed’s. AUD cost still 50 ped and CLD were sold for 1200-1300 this week. I calculate it conseravtive and take 1250 ped for CLD. For long time data we got from CLD i will use aswell the projected ROI from land deed’s to compare.

ROI/ped invested

CLD = 3.69 / 1250 = 0.002952

AUD = 0.11 / 50 = 0.0022

The spread in the ROI based on the data we got already is 34%.And there is no MU yet on the Arkadia Underground Deed.Aswell many poeple guess the revenue on AUD might drop more. My guess is they will stay roughly between 0.09 – 0.011 on a weekly average because the underground is still quite huge.

Maximum CLD performance

The maximum price on CLD now depends on the stability of the revenue and the price of AUD. If AUD begin to perform better the people will invest more in AUD then CLD.

3.69/0.11 = 33.54 (multiplier)

Price of AUD * Multi = CLD performance = 50 ped*33.54 = 1677 ped !!!

In the end it would be more useful to buy CLD for 1650 then buying AUD.So Arkadia Studios did not well on the high price for the underground.Its not only that the AUD wont sell good, its aswell the sale is paralyzing the ingame economy.People still thought many people invested already in AUD and they are almost sold out. But from some sources i know the big investors stayed still out.

CLD performance under current conditions :

3.13/0.11 = 28.45 (multi)

Price of AUD * Multi = CLD performance = 50 ped*28.45 = 1422 ped !!!

Doesnt matter how you look on this comparishon the CLD are performing still much better then AUD. For better AUD performance we need a update in underground or re-editing of the AUD down to less shares. My recommendation is to Trash down at least 25% of all shares if they ever should be valuable for investors. What many people aswell forget the Arkadia Underground Deed’s have two big disadvantages.First is they have 5% extra tax which people dont like, even there is no markup in Underground.The other is a LA can change fast in better or worse direction depending on changes or new introductions of game content.For example when toulan will have his full launch it might take away people from everywhere and if its good the people will stay there.The CLD have quite more safety because the whole planet counts inclusive all caly born avatars who always will give a minimum revenue back. Arkadia Underground Deed has nothing………….

Projected ROI’s net

CLD projected 3.69*52 = 191.88 ped / year. 1250/100 =12.5. 191.88/12.5= 15.35 %/yr

with ROI of last 3 weeks (3.13 average) = 13.02%/yr

AUD 0.11*52 =5.72 ped / year. 50/100=0.5. 5.72/0.5= 11.44%/yr

AU - CL Deed's