With decay is the lowering of the TT-value of any Item ment , which is caused by using this item.

Most common decays are on : weapons,armor,finder tools,excavators,reapair tools,FAP’s,


Fap / fapping : fast/first aid pack is the common general discription for any healing tool in entropia

fapping is the paramedic which is healing / fappers are hired often as paramedic on hunting operations


GL : Guestlist , ment is the guestlist of a spacecraft

MU : Mark-Up

see here :

MS : Mothership

see here :

PL : Pilotlist , pilot lists existing on spacecrafts which doing training sessions, usually each pilot has 1 hour, then is a turn over

Quad : is the short for “Quad Wing Interceptor”


SIB: Skill Increase Bonus , SIB is on some items during they are not maxed. the skill gain has improved as long this items are not maxed out.

summon : a summon is a direct-teleport from any spot of  a planet to the “summoning” spacecraft which is docked at the Space-station which contributes to the planet.


TT: Trade-Terminal

This can mean 2 things. First its the word used for the trade terminal interface where players can buy equipment ,weapons,armor and ammunition etc… If someone is using this short in a “trade-talk” he means the TT-value. thats the amount of ped a T-Terminal would give you.

TP : Teleporter

This stationary devices are used to “beam” from one located TP to another one which can be pretty far away.This technologie reminds on “Beaming” from Star Trek. TP’s are a common travel method in entropia.