A.R.C.P.I.G.V. MK. II from Cyrene


Hi guys , a small blog about the new Cyrene vehicle ARC PIGV MK II. It looks like a small tank, but if i look on the armor it seems not to be a tank.   Not beatiful , but pretty fast for a massive monster like this   Full ...

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Old Witches Broom // Halloween Gift from RT !!!


Neverdie must be little crazy look this halloween gift this year from planet RT !! !!! ONLY RT born avatars can get the item !!!! To get this gift , you need to enter then planet Rokctropia , log off and log back. then you should receive the item in ...

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HowTo for the Interstelar Trade Chat


I’ve now implemented a Chat-system for you to make trading in EU easier. U find it in the Sub-menu of Trading. This chat reaches everyone who is logged on, doesnt matter if he is in Twin peaks or anywhere else. U need NO registration to use the chat. Please dont ...

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Mining – Guide

This is a Mining Guide about what is important for the Mining profession and basic knowledge. Mining is one of the three general professions. Necessary equipment: Tool : Finder ( the device to drop the probes in the ground) Tool: Excavator ( the tool to extract your claims ) Probes ...

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Space – Entropia Universe


The Space of Entropia Universe is the world between the planets. You can go there only with Spaceships (Sleipnir or Quadwing) or as a passenger on a Mothership or Privateer. The whole Space is a Lootable PVP Area (PVP4) !!! If you shooten down by pirates or creatures, you will ...

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Entropedia.Info – Must Have for All Entropian

The Entropedia has all information about Entropia Universe Content. It is the entropia wikipedia. Very new information need to be added by players first. So it can be, that very new game content isn’t implemented yet in the Entropedia.   http://www.entropedia.info   The most common use for Entropedia is checking ...

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Links to Transport Services

List of most used Transport Services :   Entropia Fleet Alliance : http://efa.ms/ Kronan,Bismark and diverse Privateer’s   Normandie Mothership (ToS): Titans of Space   Entropia-Transports : http://entropiatransport.com/ MacReady and Privateer XXIV   The Transport Services listed here, offering scheduled or planned flights for an affordable price. Further they offer ...

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Hi again , here some pictures for a very similar vehicle to the PRX-Limited. The PRX-Biohazard(C,L) At the moment it cost aswell almost 8000% in MU. Ways to expensive but its new Would be interesting how it looks colored with the biohazard symbol on the front lid. One of this ...

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NEW Rocktropia Vehicle PRX-Limited


Hi guys, just found some minutes ago in CND Lagoon a new vehicle. It’s really nice. A Sports Car !!! THIS CAR IS SICK !!!   19 ped TT value but atm it is for almost 8000% MU in the auction   the speed is nice and it is (C,L). ...

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What is a Spacecraft ? A Spacecraft is a big ship in space which can not land on planets and have 20-50 passengers,guest or crew. The difference between a spacecraft and a private spaceship like Sleipnir or Quad-Wing is aswell that a Spacecraft is able to use a Warp-drive to ...

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