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One Word More……………………………


So , now i wanna say aswell something to it Did anyone notice what this MA announcement + Maxim Deed Sale + Arkadian VU changes made with our ingame economy ? So as Miner i just give u a small over view : Niksarium 128% today (used to be 140-150%) ...

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A.R.C.P.I.G.V. MK. II from Cyrene


Hi guys , a small blog about the new Cyrene vehicle ARC PIGV MK II. It looks like a small tank, but if i look on the armor it seems not to be a tank.   Not beatiful , but pretty fast for a massive monster like this   Full ...

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Hi again , here some pictures for a very similar vehicle to the PRX-Limited. The PRX-Biohazard(C,L) At the moment it cost aswell almost 8000% in MU. Ways to expensive but its new Would be interesting how it looks colored with the biohazard symbol on the front lid. One of this ...

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NEW Rocktropia Vehicle PRX-Limited


Hi guys, just found some minutes ago in CND Lagoon a new vehicle. It’s really nice. A Sports Car !!! THIS CAR IS SICK !!!   19 ped TT value but atm it is for almost 8000% MU in the auction   the speed is nice and it is (C,L). ...

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