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Monria released – Entropia Universe

Main Hub of Monria

Today, in the big partner VU was the Moon Monria released. I went there to have a look. Its close to Planet Rocktropia in the left upper corner of Space. Moove to Monria Space Station and enter via TP to the Moon. The Moon has 3 big craters and 1 ...

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New Update – Entropia Universe

Monria - Space Station - Entrance point

Lately Prooven INFO about change last patch : Legendary 0.0 Bug ( or zero-zero bug) is not working anymore !!! means in the end the spaceship owners need now to get pilots that repair skilling is working !!     Hi guys, its time for some News.   On 30.09.2013 ...

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Broken Crafting – Entropia Universe

cheap Residue

Most Players already noticed that since the ” Migration Event 2013 ” started, the success rate on crafting rapidly went down to ~ 20%. Crafting limited Blueprints is wasting of Ped and lower amount of crafted items made lower amount of used ores and enmatters. Thast had a direct influence ...

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Arkadia Mining

Arkaia Ores And Enmatters

I did now another Mining-Session on Planet Arkadia. My Setting was following : Excavator : Rock Ripper 1 (L) Finder : Ziplex TK220 Amplifier : Level 2 Finder Amplifier Session Value : 6 Runs a’ 400 double drops (full-amped) Whole Drops : 2400 double-drops Amount in Ped : 5880 Ped ...

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Mentoring – Entropia


The Mentoring System was implemented by MindArk to give new players help and a easier start in the complex world of Entropia Universe. The idea behind the Mentoring is that a new player gets a experienced player who helps him to learn the game mechanics and the things a player ...

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