ATD – Update

A AfterTimeDiaries (ATD) Update has published with new answers from the Development Team.


Some things a really amazing information so far.

I wanna give you some small cuts.

Mining :

Excavation, how will it work?

There are two kinds of excavation, one we call the “casual excavating” and one we call the “smart excavating”. The first one is just running around the landscape trying to search randomly for some resources and pray that you are lucky with your finds.
The smart one is not only based on the randomizing loot algorithm and on the skills of the avatar! The intelligence of the player will have a real impact on the ressource found and it’s value. So the experience of the player and his knowledge about the game will provide him with higher chances to make profit.
We are very proud of the gameplay regarding the excavation activities and we hope you will enjoy it!


Assets and LA’s:

Rented Lands? And more generally rented assets?

Some people will be able to own assets, energy plan, lands, etc. (These will be rare) and also some assets will be available for renting only (time limited). A compensation system is organized in order to provide a financial compensation to the last renter of an asset, this will compensate for the time and effort that the last owner did regarding the estate.


Connections to MA ?

Are you linked with MindArk and Entropia Universe or with Afterworld?

No we are not.


Hum, darn thats unexpected ?

Will some random and catastrophic events exist in ATD?

Yes, And people will have to work together in order to protect their cities.


Uhm…ok more of this :0

Is food important in ATD?

Well, we try to make this virtual world as realistic as we can…


Gimme more … gimme more 😀

Will an affiliation program be implemented in ATD?

This is not planned but we do hope to organize a mentoring system that will be implemented 6 months after the alpha release.


Hahaaa jackpot 😀

Will trading provide skills in ATD?



Ok this is at least more close to realitly but sad for players which are used to the EU system:

Will it be possible for us to sell our skills/knowledge in ATD?

It will not be possible to sell your skills.


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I hope you enjoy reading and you re same excited as me for more news 😀


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