Space Skilling – HowTo for Newsters !!

For the reason that there are so many requests about repairing in space , i decided to wirte a small How-To about Space skilling.

Why Space skilling?

If you want to become a crafter, is the “repair” job on a MS or Privateer is the fastest and cheapest way to skill up your crafting base skills. Even cheaper then crafting or chipping-in skills.

The profession you gonna skill up is called [VSE] Vehicle Structural Engineer (click link for info).

the most important skills you gain here is Engineering and Blueprint Comprehension (unlocked @Lvl 10 VSE).

Another profession you can skill in space is the Captain . Captain is skilled primary to boost you Health.

Spacecraft Pilot , Courage, Intelligence and Perception are 4 things which improove your Health.

To skill Captain or “Pilot” you need a pilot seat on a MS or privateer but they are mostly not to easy to get.

On some ships you can hire a seat for payment , on other its free or generally not available.

You need check out and talk to the Spacecraft owners.


The aspirants for space skilling should know following things:

1. What do i need and how much does it cost ?

2. How i can get on a Spacecraft ?

3. What i should take care when i am on an Mothership ?

4. What else i should know ?



1. What you need for space skilling is the right Equipment !

Equipment for space repair skilling

The RK-5 repair tool is the standard, everyone is using it.

The RK-5 needs Welding Wire as “ammunition” to work.

1 RK-5 lasts about 3.2 hours if its maxed

and needs 50800 (5.08 ped TT) welding wire.

A set of RK-5 + welding wire cost depending

of current MarkUp between 18 and 20 Ped.

Further for people who got already level 25 (recommended) in the VSE profession can use aswell the RK-20.

The RK-20 needs more wire , lasts not as long, and is more expensive. A set of Rk-20 + wire cost almost 38 ped.

Most long time repairers say the RK-5 is definately the more economic way to skill, aswell in higher levels.

To unlock Blueprint Comprehension beginning on level 0 VSE, you set around 9 full sets of supplies. For finishing mentoring people say 25 sets. Is hard to get reliable info , no one knows it anymore :)

Yes, Space skilling cost a bit, but if you gonna craft it is definately worth to do it.



2. The only way is to ask a Spacecraft owner !!

To have access to a Spacecraft you need to be on the “Guestlist” [GL], the only way to get there is the owner put you on there.

My prefered ship to skill up is the MS Kronan.

There are many reasons for it, but the main reason is that the ship is always maintaned, and its always busy there. So you are usually never really alone on this ship.

But you should decide yourself so i link here again the Linklist for Transport services.

The Owner of Starfinder II is “Jessica Renee Taylor”. For the case you need a place for free repair skilling, add him player register and contact private message.

For the case some one decides to go on the MS Kronan do following:

Go to player register and search “Granny Rowan Render” , and add as friend.

Later when you can catch him up in a private message (pm), just ask him to join his crew for repairing.

Furthermore most owners selling supplies their ships, so if you ran out of supplies, you can get new ones on the ship. The prices for the supplies are different from ship to ship and owner to owner.


To get on any other spacecraft its the same:

find out who is owner, add him as friend , pm him and talk……………


3. Each ship has own rules how to avoid a mess !!

Usually a Spacecraft is a pretty relaxed, up to boring place.

But here are aswell some exceptions.

Space is Lootable PVP (PVP4) , so dont take loots in space,  for further info read my Space guide or ask the spacecraft owner if not sure what is lootable and what not !!

1. If there is a pilot on an training mission and you are “awake”(not afk) please help the pilot to balance the reapair power of the crew by mooving to another station. the pilot will give you instructions then.

If you AFK then you re naturally not available to help so no worries for this case 😉

2. Most famous ships offering always transport services like “scheduled flights” or “VIP-warps”.

For the case this happens , training will stop immadiately until the job is done.

3. new people on spacecrafts should learn in the beginning how to find the different spots in a Mothership.

All Motherships and Privateers are same from their layout. if you know one , you know all !!

4.If you gonna leave by Quad or Sleipnir, please ask first the pilot for save exit. otherwise you could blop in a bunch of mobs :)

Now the 4 Repair points on a Mothership:

space skilling in Hangar

space skilling on propulsion

space skilling on reactor

space skilling in CC


4. You should think about before you go in space , how you will come down again !!

Often you can catch a free ride from another crew member down to any planet.

But you really should have a plan B ! If you go more often in space get a spaceship like Sleipnir or Quad-wing with Space Thruster(L) attached. herefore read the vehicle guide .

Landing fee by re-entry cost 2 ped via ship , station TP down to planet cost 7 ped !!!


Alright , that was my guide about space skilling.


ty all and gl,

RedEye :)