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CL – AU Deed’s comparison – Entropia Universe

AU - CL Deed's

Now 3 weeks after the launch of the AUD (Arkadia Underground Deed) it is time to compare on the base of data to figure out the perfomarnce of the new deed’s.   The data i collected have been from monday payout until sunday payout, so exactly 7 payouts. To compare ...

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Halloween Mayhem – Entropia Universe

Instance Televators

Mayhem here, Mayhem there……Mayhem seems to be now everywhere……………   Hi Guys, lately MA Published a New event comming up next week. Name is Halloween Mayhem. It will be very similar to Merry Mayhem just focused on a Halloween topic. We have to shoot some special Zombies. The Loot will ...

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New Update – Entropia Universe

Monria - Space Station - Entrance point

Lately Prooven INFO about change last patch : Legendary 0.0 Bug ( or zero-zero bug) is not working anymore !!! means in the end the spaceship owners need now to get pilots that repair skilling is working !!     Hi guys, its time for some News.   On 30.09.2013 ...

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