Mining – Guide

This is a Mining Guide about what is important for the Mining profession and basic knowledge.

Mining is one of the three general professions.

Necessary equipment:

Tool : Finder ( the device to drop the probes in the ground)

Tool: Excavator ( the tool to extract your claims )

Probes : Finder Probes can be bought on the TT (ammunition for the Finder)

Refiner: with a refiner you convert ore e.g. from stones to ingots, refined materials sell ways better then unrefined because crafter looking primary for the refined materials which are ready for crafting.

Attachment: Finder Amplifier (increases the PED-amount you can drop in the ground with one drop)


Absolutely necessary are : Finder,Excavator,Mining Probes

With your Finder in the hand you run around and drop the probes in the ground.

The most Finder’s have a finding-range of around 55 meters from the central point you dropped the “bomb”.

So you should avoid “overlapping” of the ranges , special if you didnt found any claim within last drop. So run at least 50-60 metres further for the next drop.

If you hit any claim , this claim has a size. I call this size “natural size”. If you use Amplifier’s this “natural” claim will me multiplied with the additional PED-burn.

More to “Using Amps”  further below.

After your Loot-window poped up , you can see a claim deed and you should see a mark on your radar where your claim excatly is.

You go to the claim , equip the Excavator, choose the claim by clicking left mouse button and then use the tool.

The Ore,Enmatter or treasure will be put in your inventory under “Minerals”.

As a beginner it is recommended to sell ALL mining loots to gain the markup to recover the losses you have naturally on mining measured in TT-value.

with a AVERAGE MarkUp of 120% on your mining loot you should survive if you dont use finder amplifiers.

If your TT-return is lower then 85% in average you have not mined enough and not regularly.

So how more often you go mining so bigger is the chance to get a better average return. There are good and bad days of Loots in different professions, areas , mobs(hunt),Items(craft) etc. this doesnt count only for mining. The trick is hit not only the bad days. The best is to do every day an affordable mining run. If the return was pretty bad is the chance higher that the next maybe is more then 100% return. Stretch the “time-frame” to improve your chances.

Another point is the Bankroll ! Meant are the funds which you have to “cycle” on mining.

As more PED you have to mine before you have to sell something, so better is it for you.

For unamped Mining , is a rule of thumb to have a bankroll of at least 2000 PED,

better 3000 PED. If you use level 2 amplifier it should be 5000-6000 PED.

For level 5 amplifier experienced miners talk from 20.000-25.000 PED.

My experience is 12000 PED should be ok but you need high MarkUp ores and enmatters to succeed.


If your Bankroll goes rapidly down after you sold out your loots, you do something wrong.

Check your kind of loot depending on the MarkUp you get for it.

If needed change your mining areas to find loot with better MarkUp.


Areas :

The mining areas are a very important point in this profession.

Every miner has his OWN mining areas which he prefers.

Dont ask miners abot their areas or “where go to mine?”

figure it out by yourself because most miner wont send you to his own areas.

Miners like it mostly quiet in their territory 😉

generally you can find ores and enmatters EVERYWHERE.

There is no higher chance of getting bigger or smaller claims depending of the area because the loot is changing randomly accross the whole universe.

The only thing what changes is the type of ores and enmatters and this type makes the MarkUp.



Example:  When you hit a level V claim , is this volume in PED of the claim between 3 – 4.49 PED.

When you use a “Level 2 Finder Amp” is the additional PED burn per drop 0.50 PED.

The natural PED-burn on ,lets say you mine for Ore, is 1 PED per drop (20 probes a 0.05PED).

So the 1 PED is 100% , additional 0.5 PED (in this case 50% of 1PED) , then the claim size is multiplied with a factor of 1.5 (150%).

So lets be a little more precise:

The level 5 claim you found had unamped a precise volume of excatly 3.5 ped.

Multiplied with 1.5 (150%) * 3.5 PED = 5.25 PED

This equals , depending on the claim size table of Entropedia ( Entropedia Deposit Sizes )

a level VI claim size which is between 4.5 PED and 5.99 PED.

There was a myth that a Amp would add up the claim level by his own level,

so a level 2 amp would incease a level V claim to level VII.

Its just a myth and not true…..

If you get a level VII claim(volume: 6-7.99 PED) with a level 2 amp , is the reason here for that the “natural size” of the claim was at least : 6 / 1.5 = 4.00 PED “natural claim size” ( equals a larger level V claim [3-4.49 ped]).

Treasure Hunting :

The treasure hunting is a special loot type in mining which is only found on the planet Arkadia.

Generally is not difference to mining for ores , enmatters or treasures.