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Arkadia Underground – released

Map of Arkadia Underground

Today was finally with the new Version Update the Arkadian Underground released. I was there to report and give a short summary about Arkadian Underground. tha Arkadian Underground is not to small, it takes a while to discover all TP’s and areas. there are plenty of cavernes which are connected ...

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Monria released – Entropia Universe

Main Hub of Monria

Today, in the big partner VU was the Moon Monria released. I went there to have a look. Its close to Planet Rocktropia in the left upper corner of Space. Moove to Monria Space Station and enter via TP to the Moon. The Moon has 3 big craters and 1 ...

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ATD – AfterTimeDiaries

aftertimediaries - market

New RCE Game is rising up soon !!   The Name is aftertimediaries or ATD. The scenery is in the year 7885 on planet Earth. Plenty of big natural disasters have changed the face of Earth and all continents melted down to a single Pangea. There were only a few ...

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Arkadia Mining

Arkaia Ores And Enmatters

I did now another Mining-Session on Planet Arkadia. My Setting was following : Excavator : Rock Ripper 1 (L) Finder : Ziplex TK220 Amplifier : Level 2 Finder Amplifier Session Value : 6 Runs a’ 400 double drops (full-amped) Whole Drops : 2400 double-drops Amount in Ped : 5880 Ped ...

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Claim Size XXIII // 18958 Ped TOWER


18.9 K Uber-HoF: Tool : Ziplex TK220(L) Amplifier : Level 5 Finder Amplifier(L) Took be more then 3 hours to “realize” it is REAL 😀   Tower’s are not “excavated”, you have to visit all 24 hours and get an amount out of it. In my case it was between ...

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Mining – Guide

This is a Mining Guide about what is important for the Mining profession and basic knowledge. Mining is one of the three general professions. Necessary equipment: Tool : Finder ( the device to drop the probes in the ground) Tool: Excavator ( the tool to extract your claims ) Probes ...

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