Entropia Universe General

What is Entropia Universe ?


Entropia Universe [EU] is a MMORPG,

which is based on a Real-cash economy.

The Ingame currency is called Project Entropia Dollar [PED] and its splitted in

Project Entropia Cent [PEC].

1 $ USD = 10.00 PED =100 PEC

Via Webpage or Ingame-Tool can players deposit realworld cash into PED.

The PED can be converted back to Real cash but the withdrawl can take up to 3 month.

A deposit otherwise can be made in seconds e.g. using the PaySafe card method.

A transaction via bank transfer can take some weeks.


The Client can be downloaded on the Website of Entropia Universe and ‘playing’ cost absolutely nothing.

Updates, Upgrades or Patches cost nothing too.

The only thing in this Game is…..

Almost everything you do, cost u PED.

The return of your investments for example a Hunt is generally less.

Over the difference of the Worth of an item based on amount what the developers gave the item

(called by players as TT-value), and the price what other players pay to u for an ingame item is the way to survive and many players make sometimes more of their investments back.

This difference is called MarkUP.

Implemented is aswell a kind of a lottery system what makes that few players get sometimes more back as their investments.

This Big single Drops are called Globals [Glow] ,Hall of Fame [HoF] or Alltime Highscore [ATH].

The name depends on the Amount of this drop. It need to be at least one Drop 50 ped to be a Global, if the drop is such big that its best 100 within last 24h , then its a HoF, if its one of the 100 best ever drops its an ATH.

The best single Drop EVER have been by more then 200.000 PED (20.000 USD).

But dont expect to be a exceptional of the other 50000 (or more) gamers in Entropia Universe who never had something compareable.

The most players loose more then they get back.

Is this normal ?

Nope, this players do the wrong things or dont care about their losses because they see it as a game and not as a casino as some people do and play EU to just have Fun.

The point is, it depends how you play Entropia Universe, and this makes if you have to deposit in regular times

or if you play it smooth and little more considered, then you can play it a long time with little money or completely WITHOUT any deposits.

But that calls for patience !!! What most players dont have, especially the beginners.

There is one game mechanic what allows to make some ingame cash without depositing,

and the only thing what is absolutely for free to do in Entropia.

This is called “Sweating”. See under Basic Knowledge for further information.


Entropia Universe is a pretty complex world with a couple of planets and gives you aswell the chance

to socialise and join different Societys.



The game is using the Cryengine2 as graphicengine. And has with graphics setting on ‘High’

a big demand on Hardware, but can be played on medium with any standard computer without big problems.


For more details use the Information on this Page or the Links.