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Planet Toulan released – Entropia Universe

Vehicle Prohibition

Today 19.2.2014 was the Planet Toulan finally released (was announced for more then a year ago).   So i went there to explore it a bit. My computer is a bit old, so i cant run full graphic settings , but Planet Toulan looks quite nice so far.     ...

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HowTo for the Interstelar Trade Chat


I’ve now implemented a Chat-system for you to make trading in EU easier. U find it in the Sub-menu of Trading. This chat reaches everyone who is logged on, doesnt matter if he is in Twin peaks or anywhere else. U need NO registration to use the chat. Please dont ...

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Space – Entropia Universe


The Space of Entropia Universe is the world between the planets. You can go there only with Spaceships (Sleipnir or Quadwing) or as a passenger on a Mothership or Privateer. The whole Space is a Lootable PVP Area (PVP4) !!! If you shooten down by pirates or creatures, you will ...

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