What is MarkUp [MU] ?

MarkUp is the difference between the TT-Value of an item and the price,

what players will pay for this item. [TT = Trade Terminal]

100% is the TT-value, everything above is MU.


The Markup which is shown in the Marketprice statistics is made by the amount what was traded in this time frame divided by the arithmetic average of the individual Markup’s the single stacks who had been sold.

simply : a big stack what is sold for low MU has a higher influence on the Markup in cause of the big amount, then a smaller stack what is sold for higher MU.

This picture shows us the market price. u can get this info by using right-click on the item and then “market-price”.

MarkUp of Lysterium

U see here shown by daily (Tag)  107.58%.

This means for a stack worth of  100 ped u can get out 7 to 8 ped of markup.

But be carefull because there are aswell Auction Fee’s [AF].

After AF this stack of 120 ped TT-value would give around:

129 ped buyout (107.58%) – Auction Fee(0.80) – TTvalue(120ped) = 8.2 ped  Pure Markup

AF begins with a basic Fee of 0.50 ped per “Sell” and increases by 0.05 ped PER PED additional MarkUP.

E.G.: Lyst 120 ped TT-value // buyout 129 ped

Additional Markup in PED = 9 ped

9 * 0.05 = 0.45 + base fee of 0.50 ped= 0.95 ped Auction-Fee

U can save the AF if u trade it person to person ( private trade).

Maybe u get here more out, then if u sell it in the auction. Pepople who need the materials urgently , pay often almost the  Full-daily-MarkUp in a private trade.

But generally it is expected that private trades are cheaper in the MarkUp.

Use the MarkUp u get to Fix the losses u had on your business.


To survive on Hunting and Mining is the rule of Thumb to get a AVERAGE MarkUp of 115-120% to survive but i say with 120% u make already profit if u have a stable return in TT-value of 90-95% on your Hunting or mining runs.


On Crafting is it different because the materials cost already MarkUp to get because u need to Mine/Hunt by yourself , then u could sell your Loot to fix your costs for that, or u need to buy the Materials from Auction or Private.

In the last case u pay the MU in pure PED.

The most crafters buy the materials they need because its almost not possible to get enough to make proper craft runs, and if….it takes ages for them to get by their own.


So the MarkUp of Loot is for the players the most important factor beside luck :)