Societys or shortly soc are communities like in other games to stay in the same Group.

In Eve-Online its called Corporation[corp], in WOW or other Games its called a Guild.


U can apply over a Society Terminal

On Rocktropia is it called Social Networker.

Hier a Picture with Society-menu.

Rocktropia-Social-Networker - Societys


It is better to talk at first with people from societys before u apply.

Different societys have different objectives and some socs are closed for new applicants.


A further thing, what only  societys can do is, claiming PVP Land Areas[LA] , what generates Tax-income. This LA claim lasts one week , then it can be competited again.

The Tax are split by the number of Soc-members and u can receive it via the Ped-Flow center by right clicking on the Ped-Card in your inventory.

A Soc has aswell a own society-channel in the Chat.