CL – AU Deed’s comparison – Entropia Universe

AU - CL Deed's

Now 3 weeks after the launch of the AUD (Arkadia Underground Deed) it is time to compare on the base of data to figure out the perfomarnce of the new deed’s.   The data i collected have been from monday payout until sunday payout, so exactly 7 payouts. To compare ...

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Radioarkadia Homepage

A new Radio based from the background of Entropia universe is rised up.It launched in Oct 31st 2013. The name Radioarkadia was blessed by the owner and CEO of Arkadia Studios David Dobson. The launch of Radioarkadia began with a big Real Life party. Its a quite simple player ...

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Arkadia Underground Deed Released

Item Info Arkadia Underground Deed

Today Wednesday 26-march-2014 the Arkadia Underground Deed was released. Different to the early announcment they are not been sold via auction, now are for sale by a special deed broker which is to find in the the Arkadian Underground. The broker will refill with the time with new deed’s. He ...

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Arkadia Underground – released

Map of Arkadia Underground

Today was finally with the new Version Update the Arkadian Underground released. I was there to report and give a short summary about Arkadian Underground. tha Arkadian Underground is not to small, it takes a while to discover all TP’s and areas. there are plenty of cavernes which are connected ...

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Version Update 14.6 – Entropia Universe

The new messenger center

The new Version update of Entropia brought a completely new socialising interface. First i show the appearing. The whole chat system and message center was renewed. Now it is possible to link item info of items in chat, writing Messages like E-mails and spread out different channels. To be honest ...

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Breaking News — Login problem

problem which occurs during login

Due the patch which should be implemented today, there occured some error. There occurs a Login problem when you using a Gold Card. People with gold cards can’t login for the moment. The error probably occured by some preparations for the new patch. The patch for today was abandoned and ...

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Planet Toulan released – Entropia Universe

Vehicle Prohibition

Today 19.2.2014 was the Planet Toulan finally released (was announced for more then a year ago).   So i went there to explore it a bit. My computer is a bit old, so i cant run full graphic settings , but Planet Toulan looks quite nice so far.     ...

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Whistleblower spottet – Entropia Universe

portable TT Unit

Today a Whistleblower, who was involved in internal development activities of MA, was spotted in the Center of Twin Peaks.   He were handing out copies of Blueprints of a brandhot new developed technologie. The Mind Official Assistant 08 explained that the community has a right on such a kind ...

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Happy Halloween – Entropia Universe


Hi guys, New VU and Merry Halloween and Halloween Gift (1 week to late). Generall Info for all : Merry Halloween has NO Mission broker, you have just to enter the instances which fits for your level. The Televators are located in : Fort Zeus / Nymphtown / Fort Ithaca ...

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Monria released – Entropia Universe

Main Hub of Monria

Today, in the big partner VU was the Moon Monria released. I went there to have a look. Its close to Planet Rocktropia in the left upper corner of Space. Moove to Monria Space Station and enter via TP to the Moon. The Moon has 3 big craters and 1 ...

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