Monria released – Entropia Universe

Today, in the big partner VU was the Moon Monria released.

I went there to have a look.

Main Hub of Monria

Its close to Planet Rocktropia in the left upper corner of Space.

Moove to Monria Space Station and enter via TP to the Moon.

Teleporter to Monria

The Moon has 3 big craters and 1 long stretched cave.

See Picture:

Map of Monria

Vehicles are not allowed, so i hope you are good on walking.

After an hour on this planet it doesn appear that big anymore as in the beginning.

Monria becomes very quick, quite small.

i found some Mob’s i tried to hunt and i tried mining.

But the return on mining was very bad so i stopped after ~15-20 double drops.

The beginner missions are ok so far but i still miss a gun to kill the mob i had.

Im not a beginner so no prob for me , but a beginner need then to buy a gun from TT where he needs ped for.Thats a big minus point in my eyes for a beginner mission. A gun like a Rubio (L) would be good here.

In the Main crafter exist 2 large living Towers where probably soon will be sold some appartment deeds for.

I had here aswell a look but its like many other appartments in whole EU, beside the view on the crater side.

In the main hub i found aswell shop in top floor. The nice thing is, it has 350 item points.

Here a picture of one of this shops:

Monria Shop

I tired aswell one of the iron challenges the Shoggoth.

You can choose different skills. i took dexterity and got ~0.05 Ped ESI in skill for killing 100 of them.

The Health Points are from 10-30 HP on this mob.



sadly i missed some Planetary-specific loot.

The only specific i got was some ore/enmatter from beginner quest.

Didnt find any specific loot on mobs. Maybe on other kinds.

There are aswell in the south and west crater large mobs but i didnt hunt them. They do lot of damage and have high HP.

I think Monria might be sucessful if there are some interesting Blueprints in the loot pool.

But otherwise i sadly need to say , this area is just “to small” to become a interesting business point.

If i’d go on a real mining run i guess i could bomb the whole moon with 200 drops………

and all miners know the effect with “overmining areas”. Speciel since the new system was implemented.

so yeah it can be a nice place.

But in my eyes its just a smaller mix from foma and CP.

Long strechted Cave


Main Crater Monria




I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time on