There are many different kind of vehicles in Entropia Universe.

Cars,Boats,Spaceships,Helicopters,and Hover-Bikes.

This Article is aboout general usage of vehicles and what u need to service your vehicle.

All vehicles except Spaceships need primary only OIL and REAPIRS.

Spaceships need additional a Space Thruster (L) , if u want to space traveling from planet to planet.

The Space Thruster (L) is needed for leave and re-entry the atmosphere of a planet.



Each use have a decay of 0.10 PED.

so planet to planet are 2 uses

(leave and re-entry).


To equip a Thruster to your Spaceship, drag&drop the thruster to the unspawned spaceship in your inventory.








Then u need for Reapair a RK-5 KIT and Welding Wire (Ammo for RK-5).

Equip the Kit under Tools , select your spawned vehicle and “use” the tool :)

Vehicle-repair-tool RK-5Welding Wire


To fuel your vehicle , Drag&Drop the refined OIL from your inventory into the spawned vehicle.

refilling Sleipnir


Very useful command buttons are in the actionslibary.

“Exit-Seat” ->> Leaving the vehicle (faster then doing by rightclick)

“”Recall-all-vehicles” ->>

vehicles are brought back to 1. storage on planetside 2. your inventory if your are in space


Creating a short-button on your screen to spawn the vehicle without opening your inventory is made by open the “Settings configutration” (press “L”) and drag&drop the unspawned vehicle from your inventory to your screen.