Arkadia Mining

Arkaia Ores And Enmatters

I did now another Mining-Session on Planet Arkadia. My Setting was following : Excavator : Rock Ripper 1 (L) Finder : Ziplex TK220 Amplifier : Level 2 Finder Amplifier Session Value : 6 Runs a’ 400 double drops (full-amped) Whole Drops : 2400 double-drops Amount in Ped : 5880 Ped ...

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Claim Size XXIII // 18958 Ped TOWER


18.9 K Uber-HoF: Tool : Ziplex TK220(L) Amplifier : Level 5 Finder Amplifier(L) Took be more then 3 hours to “realize” it is REAL 😀   Tower’s are not “excavated”, you have to visit all 24 hours and get an amount out of it. In my case it was between ...

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One Word More……………………………


So , now i wanna say aswell something to it Did anyone notice what this MA announcement + Maxim Deed Sale + Arkadian VU changes made with our ingame economy ? So as Miner i just give u a small over view : Niksarium 128% today (used to be 140-150%) ...

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MA Sells Calypso Land Deed’s , must have seen !!


Hi there   Today @ 16-00 UTC MindArk started his 5 calypso land deed’s per person sales. The people had to queue up in a line and the Estate broker went trhough the line to sell to each person. Well guys i tell you , i felt horrible. It was ...

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Using Finder Amplifier !!!

Hi , Today im wanna talk a about a very important thing in the Mining Profession. Not all Finder Amplifier working in the same way on your cash-flow if you use Limited (L) Amplifier.   Most Miners think , i buy level 2 amps for 106% , or level 5 ...

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A.R.C.P.I.G.V. MK. II from Cyrene


Hi guys , a small blog about the new Cyrene vehicle ARC PIGV MK II. It looks like a small tank, but if i look on the armor it seems not to be a tank.   Not beatiful , but pretty fast for a massive monster like this   Full ...

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Old Witches Broom // Halloween Gift from RT !!!


Neverdie must be little crazy look this halloween gift this year from planet RT !! !!! ONLY RT born avatars can get the item !!!! To get this gift , you need to enter then planet Rokctropia , log off and log back. then you should receive the item in ...

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