Monria released – Entropia Universe

Main Hub of Monria

Today, in the big partner VU was the Moon Monria released. I went there to have a look. Its close to Planet Rocktropia in the left upper corner of Space. Moove to Monria Space Station and enter via TP to the Moon. The Moon has 3 big craters and 1 ...

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Halloween Mayhem – Entropia Universe

Instance Televators

Mayhem here, Mayhem there……Mayhem seems to be now everywhere……………   Hi Guys, lately MA Published a New event comming up next week. Name is Halloween Mayhem. It will be very similar to Merry Mayhem just focused on a Halloween topic. We have to shoot some special Zombies. The Loot will ...

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ATD – Update

aftertimediaries - market

A AfterTimeDiaries (ATD) Update has published with new answers from the Development Team.   Some things a really amazing information so far. I wanna give you some small cuts. Mining : Excavation, how will it work? There are two kinds of excavation, one we call the “casual excavating” and one ...

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ATD – AfterTimeDiaries

aftertimediaries - market

New RCE Game is rising up soon !!   The Name is aftertimediaries or ATD. The scenery is in the year 7885 on planet Earth. Plenty of big natural disasters have changed the face of Earth and all continents melted down to a single Pangea. There were only a few ...

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New Update – Entropia Universe

Monria - Space Station - Entrance point

Lately Prooven INFO about change last patch : Legendary 0.0 Bug ( or zero-zero bug) is not working anymore !!! means in the end the spaceship owners need now to get pilots that repair skilling is working !!     Hi guys, its time for some News.   On 30.09.2013 ...

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Broken Crafting – Entropia Universe

cheap Residue

Most Players already noticed that since the ” Migration Event 2013 ” started, the success rate on crafting rapidly went down to ~ 20%. Crafting limited Blueprints is wasting of Ped and lower amount of crafted items made lower amount of used ores and enmatters. Thast had a direct influence ...

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Space Taxi – Entropia Universe

Space Taxi with John Facepalm

!!! Fun Post !!! Space Surfer Facepalm   Space Taxi driver can be a anyoning business and sometimes dangerous. The last story i experienced as a space taxi driver was a nasty surprice. It was so strange i have to share it. I was shouting there my standard text for ...

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Space Repair – Analysis


Hello Entropians, after my last HowTo about Space Repair Skilling . Now i will give you a small analysis with data about the necessary effort, to reach a special point by using the “space repair skilling”. So the first, i analyzed the skill gain meassured in Ped-TT on ESI base. ...

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Rare UL Blueprints for sale !!!


Update: 12-june-2013 , The desert glasses Blueprint has been sold too. Update : 07-june-2013 , The Carapace White BP was sold already.     Following Rare UL Blurepints are for sale :   ACA / AS Civilian Uniform Desert Glasses Blueprint :                 ...

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